Hagelschauer – Hailstorm

This is just my 2nd year of having a garden in Austria. In California I was a prolific gardener, but am still getting adjusted to the different weather & things that can happen during the growing season. In California we just worried if we were in drought conditions & used drip irrigation as needed. In Austria we have to worry about “Unwetter”  (big storms) with hail.

Normally when Unwetter is coming down the valley, the church bells in the village start to ring to warn everyone, but this time the storm came on so suddenly that it caught the village off guard.

The storm was nothing short of impressive. Hail came down for at least 10 minutes along with wind that was blowing shredded leaves from plants around. It was a display of the power of a thunderstorm in the Austrian Alps. It also did a lot of damage to the garden unfortunately. It’s little wonder why when you see the size of the hail was bigger than marbles kids play with:

Before the hailstorm

After the hailstorm

The sheer destructive power of the occasional hail storm is amazing. We had one last year, but the garden recovered. I’m not sure how well it will recover after this one. I do have a protective hail net that I have yet to install because it has to be supported on beams above the garden & well anchored to withstand momentary gale force winds. However, I think that project will be slated for this summer just in case another storm like that blows through.

Today is a serious bummer, but tomorrow is a new day…that will include a thorough clean up and salvage operation.


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