A tale of 2 blogs

Before I emigrated to Austria, I had a blog on gardening in Northern California. It was a good thing to blog on because the growing season was about 9 months long. Living in the Austrian Alps, my gardening activities are restricted to 5-6 months depending on how late into the Spring it freezes.

I started to revive that blog in the past week, but ultimately decided this week to retire my old gardening blog instead of put in the effort to revive it. It’s sort of sad since the site did have over 15,000 visits from people around the the world, which was impressive considering I never advertised it or tried to make money from it. It had traffic from around the world because people that love gardening wanted to learn things that I was willing to pass on.

I’ll continue to blog about gardening here in the Austrian Alps, but on this blog – SF Bay Expat – I’ll also blog about hikes and snow skiing in my region, other things to do & see, travel in Austria, and just life in general. As I do that, I’ll tag blog entries to make things easier to find in the category cloud on the right side of the screen. Hopefully this will work out well enough for anyone that is interested in reading some of the things that I post here.

I’m also going to try and make this more fun for me and use more photos and videos in posts so this is more engaging.

— Bis bald!


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